SSI Champion


Qualification : Graduate, Engineering / Management qualification preferred

Experience : Minimum 3 to 5 years

Location : Rajajinagar Branch - Bangalore

KEY PURPOSE : The role of a SSI Champion is to ensure adherence to company defined processes by concerned role-holders and customer satisfaction with entire purchase experience


• Will monitor daily review of (D-7) Delivery process by the Sales head with the

Sales Consultant.

a. The review will be on vital aspects like vehicle condition and cleanliness,

fitment of accessories, Completion of RTO, Insurance documentation, etc,

b. The review will also be on the softer aspects & Customer insights (customer

likings, habits, profile etc.) and his experience with us from walk-in to Booking to

present day, which will be the basis to create a DELIGHT / RECOVERY (Planned

Capitalization / Neutralization efforts).

• Will monitor OTF Discipline for Customer Contact Details and Tentative delivery

Date confirmed on OTF to customer.

• Will do RAW Observation to capture Customer experience of a Walk-in

customer, should be about 1 customer in 2 days.

• Will do RAW Observation of a live Delivery Process. Should be about 1 Delivery a

day. Will also ensure that the physical hard copy of the Delivery time Tracker is

filled in instantly.

• Will monitor the compliance of Processes by the Role Holders and immediately

escalate the GAP / Deviation to the Sales head. Shall also ensure that the

understanding of the Processes are there with the role holders by having the role

holder read 1 process circular daily in the morning meetings.

• Will ensure that the Quality of Delivery explanation by the Delivery Executive is

as per Delivery Process bulletin (PBN-2010-015).

• Will ensure that the 3rd / 30th Day call CCCF’s are tracked and closed with

speed, spirit and quality. Ageing of concerns beyond 6 days should be

escalated to the DP.

• Will ensure the Home Installation adherence; monitor the review of status and

home installation feedback of customer by the Sales head.

• Will ensure the MNVH feedback form is reviewed by the Sales head with the

Delivery Team and Sales Consultant.

• Will personally DO the Contact Calendar Planning for each customer and

ensure the contact is made by the respective role holders assigned for.

• Will monitor the review of Cleanliness, Upkeep and Maintenance of Showroom

& Parking Premises, Customer Interface areas and Display of POP (all posters &

standee) and information boards (Daily Delivery Board, Offer Of month, etc.) by

Admin head.

Note :- Please note that the words ‘monitor’ ‘ensure’ means the SSI Champion will

NOT do the activity, he/she will check for compliance of the process by role holders

and will inform / escalate the GAP / Deviation to Sales Head and Dealer Principal. In

case of poor knowledge of role holder, coaching / handholding of the role holder will

be done by the SSI Champion but the responsibility is of the role holder to comply

with the process.


• Should be a strategist.

• Needs to be analytical.

• Should be very hospitable.

• Must be a good motivator.

• Should be good in public relations.

• Should be a team builder.

• Should have training skills.

• Must have good leadership skills.

• Must have customer-centric approach.

• Must be PC literate (MS Word, Excel, Power Point).

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